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The Deposition Doctor

When you need to Cross-Examine a difficult Medical Expert

When a Medical Issue is central to your case

When a Judge or Jury analyze a case where a medical issue is central, they rely on a medical expert witness, often a doctor, to help them understand it.

A medical expert should be neutral, and merely help the Court understand the issue.

However, some medical experts view themselves as a “hired gun,” confusing expert testimony with advocacy, and believing they can bluff their way through Cross Examination.

But it’s a lot harder to bluff when the cross-examining attorney is also a practicing physician.

Personal Injury
The nature, cause, and treatment of the injury are central to any personal injury case, and a medical expert is necessary to establish them.

When the medical expert is unreasonable, Dr. Nachbar can challenge and cross-examine  the doctor as an equal.
Divorce and Alimony
Whether a medical condition reasonably impacts the ability to work, and the extent of that impact, can only be determined with the assistance of a a medical expert.

Dr. Nachbar can work with the experts on both sides for a reasonable outcome.
When a medical professional comes upon a legal problem, you don't want to have to explain your world to a lawyer who never went to medical school, has never been called to the ED for a trauma patient, and doesn't know the difference between a licensing board, a hospital board, a certification board, and a medical society. 

Dr. Nachbar has been there, understands the issues, and can help.
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